Things to Consider When Installing a Patio

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When it comes to installing a patio, there is more to it than just blocking off a chunk of your yard and pouring down cement.

Decorating Your Patio – What You Need To Know

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By Garry Knight The beauty of a house lies in a well-kept patio. A patio is one of the best parts of owning a home. It is the most relaxing place one can find. Here in the patio, you can enjoy peace, quiet, solace and the soothing company of nature. Patios are the perfect places toRead More

Things to Consider When Building or Remodeling Your Patio Area

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By Carrie Gandhi Adding Value to Your Home Having a well laid out patio area will not add extra living space to your home but it can add increased worth to the value of your home. Patio areas are a highly prized feature that homeowners and buyers covet. Buyers are willing to pay premium dollar forRead More

Garden Patio Design – How to Design a Patio

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A patio is just one element of a garden design, but it is one of the most expensive parts of any garden build. Because the patio fulfills several different functions

How Does Interior Designing Transform An Entire Home?

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Interior designing is the art of allowing a space to be functional, useful, personalized, and aesthetically pleasing. Many believe that the interior is all about beautifying


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By Stacy 17 Comments The back of our house is not very attractive since it is flat and plain but then you add in electrical boxes and conduit and it really becomes an eyesore. I am sure I am not the only one out there who has a spot on the back or side of their houseRead More


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We have lived in this home almost 11 years without having a seating area. I feel kind of sheepish admitting this, but when we entertained outdoors we would bring out the collapsible camp chairs from the garage and the dining room chairs from inside. We finally have an outdoor seating area! We created a DIYRead More

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